Life Journal - document the greatest treasure of life, your health

Cardiopulmonary Stats

Ambulatory blood pressure trends, heart rate, and breath rate are collected 24/7 to generate diagrams and charts for a clear display of your Cardiopulmonary stats

Emotion and Fatigue

Living in a fast-paced modern life, negative emotions and fatigue can quickly overwhelm us unknowingly. Record your stats, and take charge of your emotion and stamina.

Continuous Heart Rate

Improve exercise efficiency and cardiopulmonary function, and/or lose body fat effectively, all through monitoring and managing your heart rate, real-time.

Steps and Sleep

Lead a healthier life by keeping your pace, walking distance, and calorie consumption. In addition, through light/deep sleep stats, sleep quality advice is available to help improve your slumber.

Remote Care

Obtain reports of family members or cared ones wearing the bracelet remotely without interruption.

Fun Sharing

Spice up your stats with fun illustration and messages through the social network and compete with friends & family to help achieve your exercise goals.

Your Personal Life Journal

Document your life with health stats and unlock
the code to your personal wellbeing.

Magnetic USB Dongle Charger

Charge with ease by simply placing your Journey tracker onto the dongle. The magnetic fastening mechanism "pulls" the two together for secure charging, all without having to look for an USB cable.

Computation & Sensors


Optimized computation and precision sensor architecture design ensures uncompromized quality and stability.


The Journal tracker main-unit employs surgical grade-316L stainless steel which reduces the chance of skin allergy.


The wriest strip made of high quality TPSiV material guarantees long-term use.


Surpassing the IP67+ standard prevents water and dust ingress into Journal tracker enclosure.Various wristband colors are available to satisfy your taste and fashionable needs.

Main dimension:  42.8*17.3*9.8mm

Weight:  24g

Full length:  238mm

Waterproof level:  IP67+

Battery:  Lithium polymer battery

Battery capacity:  157 mAh

Communication:  Bluetooth Low Energy

System requirement:  Android4.3+ or iOS7+


Product declaration

This product measures biorhythms by monitoring ambulatory blood pressure changes to help the user live a healthier life. It cannot be used as a basis for any medical diagnosis.

The 37° Bracelet is not categorized as medical apparatus. The 37° Bracelet, its related applications, and information thereby obtained shall not be used in medical diagnosis,treatment, or relieving of any disease or any conditions. To prevent injuries from excessive exercise or user’s self-diagnosis, please consult a licensed health professional beforemaking changes to your exercise, sleep, nutrition, or medication.


Note: Ambulatory blood pressure is not the same concept as clinical blood pressureused in medical settings

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